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Aroooo :D

Another test fitting of a wolf head made here at mixedcandy (quick video with my phone). Using a base from DVC and we furred it and finished it up fully. Wanted to test a few things that I want to add to a few of my other heads. Did a few more things out of apoxy sculpt in a different manner than I usually do and really liked the results. Finally used "jaw juice" the glue to attach jaw sets and worked out way nicer than any of the other glues (avoid the fumes as they are toxic so do this outside). Mixed a few furs in the face that I had not done so before. Started with a much lighter base and built up the color with the airbrush. Had done something similar like so with a wolf head I did 2 years ago but started with to dark of a base fur making the head way too dark in the long run. New springs for the jaw to so it responds better even with the smallest of jaw movements (ditched elastics and went with these really nice metal springs). Better vision, better fit and easier to breathe in. Added a zipper in the back for a slightly more fitted neck version but I could take it or leave it on the zipper, it was more of a test.

All in all happy with the result. Lots of other things I tested that others would not see but I can. I will be implementing everything I learned from this one onto all the current commissions. I just rather test all these things on a non commissioned costume just in case they do not work out. Plus with a bunch of resin heads that I need to finish up I wanted to make sure these worked to begin with.

So here is a wolf, Arooooo! Video just shows the head stays on without sliding, jaw moves and the whole piece is really comfy to wear :).