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A few suits as of late :D

A few things we have completed as of late. Been crazy busy and will continue to be busy all year long. Will try to update here when I can.



Disney's art of animation Resort

Art of animation resort

Went to check out the art of animation resort here in the disney area. Located next to pop century, but sort of sure it took over a major part of it to create this new resort. Looks fantastic and has one of my favorite movies as a section you can stay in, the lion king :D. We picked up a price sheet which was sort of up to par with what disney charges anyways and ran around to resort. Took a few photos as the statues were extremely well done. The buildings still scream "budget" as pop century was very much like this. I thought pop century was gone but can still be seen across the lake from this resort.

Want to stay here at least a night sometime in the future as it would be cool to see how themed the lion king section is inside :D.

Art of animation resort

More photos can be seen here:

Art of animation resort

Messing with my clamshell ibook

I got home last night wanting to take apart one of the clamshells I got for $17 on ebay as it had a non working HDD. I wanted to mix and match the shell pieces plus have extras just in case I needed them for my main clamshell which has an indigo shell. I decided to explode all over my desk after 3 martinis and get to work :P.

Ibook g3 Clamshell

I wanted to gut one out and make it into a cool ipad carry case but all in all it ended up being to heavy. Even after taking everything out it was just not as sturdy as I wanted it to be so I scrapped the idea. I wanted to take one of these apart to the point where everything was in pieces. This way I could figure out how they were put together and what did what. I saved a few parts apart from the shell and all that as replacements.

Ibook g3 Clamshell

This morning I decided I wanted to mix my indigo clamshell with parts of the blueberry clamshell and I really like the look of both. I went ahead and made the apple in the back glow as it never did on these machines. I like glowing parts so why not add it while the computer was in pieces.

Ibook g3 Clamshell

Glowing apple :D

Ibook g3 Clamshell Ibook g3 Clamshell

I finally got the airport card to work with WPA which is awesome. So the computer works just fine with todays standards if you want to do light browsing, chatting, emails and whatnot. Have a battery in it that still holds a 3 hour charge which is pretty awesome.

For faster transfer speeds I hook up to the modem via ethernet. For around the house I am just on wifi :D.

All in all for old tech I am pretty happy it has worked out so well. I really love the design of these.

More photos of what I do to these:

Will do more mods later. I really want to find a lime and tangerine version. So if you guys have some you are wanting to get rid of be sure to tell me.

If you have any questions just ask :)

Aroooo :D

Another test fitting of a wolf head made here at mixedcandy (quick video with my phone). Using a base from DVC and we furred it and finished it up fully. Wanted to test a few things that I want to add to a few of my other heads. Did a few more things out of apoxy sculpt in a different manner than I usually do and really liked the results. Finally used "jaw juice" the glue to attach jaw sets and worked out way nicer than any of the other glues (avoid the fumes as they are toxic so do this outside). Mixed a few furs in the face that I had not done so before. Started with a much lighter base and built up the color with the airbrush. Had done something similar like so with a wolf head I did 2 years ago but started with to dark of a base fur making the head way too dark in the long run. New springs for the jaw to so it responds better even with the smallest of jaw movements (ditched elastics and went with these really nice metal springs). Better vision, better fit and easier to breathe in. Added a zipper in the back for a slightly more fitted neck version but I could take it or leave it on the zipper, it was more of a test.

All in all happy with the result. Lots of other things I tested that others would not see but I can. I will be implementing everything I learned from this one onto all the current commissions. I just rather test all these things on a non commissioned costume just in case they do not work out. Plus with a bunch of resin heads that I need to finish up I wanted to make sure these worked to begin with.

So here is a wolf, Arooooo! Video just shows the head stays on without sliding, jaw moves and the whole piece is really comfy to wear :).

Open Canvas with friends

Open canvas is awesome, when it works :D. Finally with help from Goldie I am able to network my OC and get 3 others to join in and draw at the same time. Last 2 days we have drawn a few things so here are 2 of the mass pics that we did. First night we had goldie, trigger and rosco. Second night it was rosco and myself.


OC 9/8/12

Love that I can do this again. It has been years since I was able to :D. Expect to see more art posted and whoever wants to join sometime just ask.

More art can be seen here:

Pokemon Breeder mini :D


Finally got my copy of Pokemon breeder for my Pokemon mini. A game that only came out in Japan so had to look around eBay and see what they had and I found a copy. This game is very much like a tamagotchi. You feed it, take care of it, pet it and so on. You have an option of 3 Pokemon so I went with a mudkip. Super cute game, will do a review soon. If you have any questions just ask.

Mmmm home ownership

I love being a home owner even with the woes that some damages can bring. But with that being said in the long run I have a place to live I can call my own. So the claims adjuster showed up bright and early and took photos of the damage. Gave me a list of everything that needed to be replaced and that included the entire ceiling in my bedroom, the carpet and the soffit outside which is good as that is what I wanted changed. He mentioned painting and a few other things. Now to wait 3 weeks to hear back from them and see what sort of numbers I am looking for my insurance check. This is the first time I have filed any sort of claim so this is all new to me but it seems to be going smoothly and at least insurance is covering the damage which is fantastic.

I am holding out on putting the new floors until the check rolls in to do the repairs and go from there. Lots to do to my house but I need to be careful with money until I figure out what sort of money is going to run me to fix my ceiling. With that being said I went across the street as the neighbors were getting their house painted. I got a quote on mine, as that is another project I need to start thinking about early next year.I can't add 2 major projects this year. So lots of moving money aside so I can get the fixes and changes I want for the house. House color I will figure out closer to the date of painting.

So much to think about, budget and do. But all in all I love being a home owner and would not want it any other way :).


Yay birthday month :D. Time has been flying as of late! The weather is crazy hot here in florida so been wearing my tank tops again which I like (I like sporting my tanned skin, woohoo for sweet colombian skin).

Prepping to head over to Nashville and Carbondale the end of this week. Looks like I will be flying with my sewing machine after all which is fine. I guess I am flying pretty heavy as I am taking a ton of work suit wise and art wise. Time to make a mess that isn't at my house (lol poor rosco).

Waiting to see what happens with the house when the insurance guy comes over tomorrow. He seemed pretty confident that it would be easy enough to figure out what money the insurance would give me. In a way I hope it isn't all bad, but a check from the insurance would be pretty epic right about now :D.

So decided to do some clean up and found this old game system. The pokemon mini. I wrote about on my tumblr.



Got this gorgeous bracelet from:


She had one left from AC and had to grab it as I totally missed her at the con. Very impressed, clean and really pretty. Resin cast skull looks fantastic. Check out her site she has lots of cool stuff.

Back to work on suits so I can be prepared to fly this friday :D

Anthrocon 2012

Anthrocon 2012

Back from Anthrocon and I had an amazing time. I had not had this much fun at a convention in a very long time. Over the years I had grown tired of cons and was not sure what to do about them. I cut down on cons and decided to get a bit picky about the ones I was wanting to attend. I think the biggest issue of it all was going with someone who really did not want to be there, which at the time was my ex husband Adam. He was OK with going to cons but never fully thrilled as he was never that into it as much as I was. This time around things were a bit different, I was going to meet up with my boyfriend who actually does enjoy these sort of events. With that being said, I roomed with Tivadu, Frazzle and Rosco. We all get along so well that I knew we were going to have a blast that weekend. AC has changed a lot in the last 4 years I have skipped going. It got huge! I can easily say that I barely know most everyone there which made me feel really old in a way. So many young faces I did not know who was who. I was able to meet a lot of new people and re connect with old friends. I tried to divide my time up as much as possible and do as much as possible but with any convention you are juggling a little bit of everything. I wanted to make sure I spent as much time as I could with Rosco as I don't get to see him as often, and I did :D.

Anthrocon 2012

I was actually really happy to see and hear from people that they had been concerned about me with everything that had happened this year. Many approached me and said they were really happy to see me in better spirits. It really brought a smile to my face to see people care :). I know I am not super close with a lot of people but still that was very touching.

Anthrocon 2012

Anthrocon 2012

I suited in a doggie suit at had for the convention, Rosco being similar in size to me was able to wear it as well (huge bonus we can share suits :D, means more fun in the future). We ran around in our kigurumis as well and dressed up as trashy furries too :D. We dress up for the fun of it and we made a lot of people laugh in our trashy outfits.

Anthrocon 2012

Anthrocon 2012

Kkitty wore my doggie too, so if you see a tiny rottie you will know who it is :D.

Anthrocon 2012

Anthrocon 2012

The convention had a lot of highlights, I was able to do so much and really relax. Granted I am exhausted from the convention itself but we had so much fun. I am truly over joyed that I have a boyfriend that enjoys this, accepts me for who I am and can easily joke around with me. I feel like I am no longer hiding anything and can just be me.

Anthrocon 2012

Anthrocon 2012

Anthrocon 2012

Photo Galleries (Photos taken by Rosco, Frazzle and Myself) Using the Lytro/SLR and Snap and Shoot



Anthrocon in a nutshell:

-Sleeping in a tiny bed (2 adults one single bed, kinked back)
-Our horrible conversations about what we can do with socks
-Things we did with socks :P
-Using frazzles pillow as padding (I hope you enjoy that Matt ;)
-Learning that putting your hand on someones stomach while sitting is super creepy
-Learning more "creepy" touches so I can harass my friends
-Martinis are my favorite drinks hands down. I get pretty stupid with them
-External flashes are amazing, can't wait to set mine up like that :D
-Don't be afraid to try new things, even if they are out of your comfort zone ;)
-Pepto drinking down the streets, we were so classy
-Holding your boyfriends hand, something as simple as that can be so rewarding
-Dancing like a Tard
-Getting inspired by other costumes, dancers and photographers
-Raiding monoyashas table (super happy with your stuff)
-Being way to goofy most of the con, but loved it
-Ridiculous badge name "Gooby Pls" totally going to keep going with this trend
-No more hair parties! (stop shaving and cutting your hair in my room ;)
-Cleaning lady from hell
-Running around dressed like a total idiot and my boyfriend doing the same (bar time ridicule)

Anthrocon or bust!

Have missed the last 3 or so years of anthrocon and finally going back. So who will I see there? I will arrive on friday and stay until Monday afternoon.