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Yay birthday month :D. Time has been flying as of late! The weather is crazy hot here in florida so been wearing my tank tops again which I like (I like sporting my tanned skin, woohoo for sweet colombian skin).

Prepping to head over to Nashville and Carbondale the end of this week. Looks like I will be flying with my sewing machine after all which is fine. I guess I am flying pretty heavy as I am taking a ton of work suit wise and art wise. Time to make a mess that isn't at my house (lol poor rosco).

Waiting to see what happens with the house when the insurance guy comes over tomorrow. He seemed pretty confident that it would be easy enough to figure out what money the insurance would give me. In a way I hope it isn't all bad, but a check from the insurance would be pretty epic right about now :D.

So decided to do some clean up and found this old game system. The pokemon mini. I wrote about on my tumblr.



Got this gorgeous bracelet from:


She had one left from AC and had to grab it as I totally missed her at the con. Very impressed, clean and really pretty. Resin cast skull looks fantastic. Check out her site she has lots of cool stuff.

Back to work on suits so I can be prepared to fly this friday :D


Jul. 2nd, 2012 05:52 pm (UTC)
Haha, I got mine for my birthday too! x3
I love the bright colors too, so fun!