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Messing with my clamshell ibook

I got home last night wanting to take apart one of the clamshells I got for $17 on ebay as it had a non working HDD. I wanted to mix and match the shell pieces plus have extras just in case I needed them for my main clamshell which has an indigo shell. I decided to explode all over my desk after 3 martinis and get to work :P.

Ibook g3 Clamshell

I wanted to gut one out and make it into a cool ipad carry case but all in all it ended up being to heavy. Even after taking everything out it was just not as sturdy as I wanted it to be so I scrapped the idea. I wanted to take one of these apart to the point where everything was in pieces. This way I could figure out how they were put together and what did what. I saved a few parts apart from the shell and all that as replacements.

Ibook g3 Clamshell

This morning I decided I wanted to mix my indigo clamshell with parts of the blueberry clamshell and I really like the look of both. I went ahead and made the apple in the back glow as it never did on these machines. I like glowing parts so why not add it while the computer was in pieces.

Ibook g3 Clamshell

Glowing apple :D

Ibook g3 Clamshell Ibook g3 Clamshell

I finally got the airport card to work with WPA which is awesome. So the computer works just fine with todays standards if you want to do light browsing, chatting, emails and whatnot. Have a battery in it that still holds a 3 hour charge which is pretty awesome.

For faster transfer speeds I hook up to the modem via ethernet. For around the house I am just on wifi :D.

All in all for old tech I am pretty happy it has worked out so well. I really love the design of these.

More photos of what I do to these:

Will do more mods later. I really want to find a lime and tangerine version. So if you guys have some you are wanting to get rid of be sure to tell me.

If you have any questions just ask :)


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Sep. 30th, 2012 12:33 pm (UTC)
I recall those hings being very very difficult to dissect. The power input board was a common fail item, and required a massive full tear down to get to..

At least the airport card was easy to get to..

Sep. 30th, 2012 03:56 pm (UTC)
The hinges aren't to bad to take apart but a total nightmare to put together :(. I found it interesting seeing how they went about putting it all together, plus seeing all the samsung branding all over everything made me smirk a bit.
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