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Disney's art of animation Resort

Art of animation resort

Went to check out the art of animation resort here in the disney area. Located next to pop century, but sort of sure it took over a major part of it to create this new resort. Looks fantastic and has one of my favorite movies as a section you can stay in, the lion king :D. We picked up a price sheet which was sort of up to par with what disney charges anyways and ran around to resort. Took a few photos as the statues were extremely well done. The buildings still scream "budget" as pop century was very much like this. I thought pop century was gone but can still be seen across the lake from this resort.

Want to stay here at least a night sometime in the future as it would be cool to see how themed the lion king section is inside :D.

Art of animation resort

More photos can be seen here:

Art of animation resort


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Sep. 30th, 2012 07:32 pm (UTC)
OMG I love this resort too! Did you see my photos on facebook?

Dying to stay here. I know the TLK rooms sleep 6 maybe I can get a small group to pitch in for a night. The pool is amazing too. Did you know they play music underwater that you can hear while you swim?

Little Mermaid area wasn't open yet when we went so I really wanna go back again soon to see that. We did sneak inside the TLK building to see the carpet and painting on the wall. I swear I could live there! ;)
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